​Fremont, Nebraska 

Woodcliff Lakes


     The by-laws regulate how Woodcliff Lakes Inc. (the homeowners' association) operates.


     The covenants explain your rights as a property owner and membership in the Woodcliff Lakes Homeowners' Association (Woodcliff Lakes Inc.)


     Every guest and resident is responsible for knowing the current Rules and Regulations at Woodcliff Lakes.  Violations of these Rules and Regulations may result in a citation with a fine or the loss of lake privileges.  Residents are responsible for their guests' actions, so please make sure that your family and all visitors are aware of the current rules.



Bow fishing for CARP and GAR will be allowed on both lakes on weekdays only, and after dark with the use of spot lights.  Arrows must be tethered with the appropriate fishing line for retrieving the arrows and fish.  Anyone under the age of 16 must have adult supervision (19 years of age or older).  RESIDENT BOATS ONLY, and guests must be accompanied by an adult resident.  The resident lot owner is responsible for their guests and their guests' actions.  Fishing licenses are required and must be in possession.  Fishermen will be responsible for any damages to persons or property, and all fish taken must be removed from the lake and disposed of properly.  Violations of any of the above provisions will result in a citation and revocation of these privileges for the offender.