​Fremont, Nebraska 

Woodcliff Lakes

Roads Committee


Board Member Lonnie Mahrt oversees the Woodcliff Roads.  

He can be contacted at 402-680-4953

or lonniemahrt@jjmsearch.com 

Obstacles / Challenges / Open Items

    -  Budget Constraints

    -  SID Bank Stabilization - Flood repairs and improvements working through the FEMA process

    -  Road Challenges - traffic, manhole covers, driveways, grading, slope, etc., drainage ribbon


​The challenge of the Woodcliff roads was that there was no foundation of gravel or hard rock to create a solid foundation, nor has the crown of the roads been aggressive enough to allow for proper drainage.  This has resulted in the majority of the top layer consisting of mainly fine materials from the crushed concrete that has been used for 5+ years as a source of aggregate.

​The 2017-2018 Road Committee worked with local contractors and gravel road expert Ken Skorseth to investigate various options and solutions.  The Woodcliff board taking under advisement the road committee's suggestions had applied quartzite in two different sizes.

Resident Lane Goebel has since volunteered his time and equipment to maintain the roads, including application of dust control.

After the Spring 2019 flood, a considerable amount of river sand was available; upon research and testing of the sand (3-6% clay, 13% loam, and the remainder is pure sand with no fines) it was decided to add this fine river sand as a top layer.  This sand provides a smoother surface, less dust and better drainage during rain events.  The amount of sand is still a work-in-progress and may be adjusted in some areas but binds with the aggregate to make a version of poor man's concrete.

​    Woodcliff Roads

Goal - Transparency to the:

  • ​Process being followed​

​Problems Being Addressed:

  • ​Roads Stability and Performance
  • Lake Health
  • ​Dust Control